The Coached Ensembles – All Stars Reunion Tour

The Coached Ensembles – All-Stars Reunion Tour

For over 5 years Second City Training Center students in the Improv A-E program have auditioned to become a part of The Coached Ensemble series. If a student is selected, they get to work with a current Second City teacher and perform in a 4 week run at Second City’s Donny’s Skybox.
For these 2 special shows we are reuniting some of our all time favorite Coached Ensemble teams and putting them on the UP stage! Come laugh with some of your favorite ensembles and see how much they’ve grown.

Hosted by Brian Posen
SHOWS: Mondays, January 30, February 6 and 13 and 20 at 8pm
75 minutes
No Intermission
Tickets: $10, $5 TC Students

Teams Scheduled To Appear:

February 6*
* There will be no food or beverage at this show.

Young And The Older
Coach – Andrew Thorp
Featuring: Jerry Crabtree, Kelly Wren, Jess Jones, Shelby Quinn, Brian Kenny, Kyle Mantegna and Blake Whitmore

Middle School Prom
Coach – Scott Elam
Featuring: Henrik Blix, Sarah Little, Kyle Uhelski, Tarryl Benedetto and Gabriella Hirsch

The Fencing Queenz
Coach – David Montgomery
Featuring: Abigail Muldoon, Miles Kopcke, Marianne Lalonde, Kenneth Cross, Brandon Sherman, Alexandra Shields, Jared Chapman and Alex Cadice

Coach – Jay Sukow
Featuring: Katie Nixon, Allison Black, Alex Wiseman, Katie Froehlich-LeBlanc, Virginia Mueller, Matt Chiaramonte and Becca Garber

Atomic Barbie
Coach – Liz Joynt-Sandburg
Featuring: Tony Orlando, Mark Saltz, Jessica Benson, Ellen Feinberg, Henrik Blix, Kevin Philip Daliva, Claire McFadden and Matt Williams

February 13

Sh*t, Tabetha
Coach – Ross Taylor
Featuring: Akanksha Chawla, Tobi Ballantine, Marla Martinez, Lauren Polakoff, Rich Coleman, Adriana Alexander, Andrew Lemna and Alex Adelson

Off Fleek
Coach – Winter Davis
Featuring: Justin Fullerton, Brian T. Reardon, Adam Thornburg, Elena Cohen, Clara Flaherty, Christina Lawson, Sean Ely and Patrick Thomas
New From Mattel
Coach – Sam Super

Featuring: Bo Guthrie, Chelsea Conley, Raymond Velez, Imrana Zaman and Alicia Felbab

Bearded Ladies

Coach – Brian Posen
Freudian Slippers
Coach – David Montgomery
Featuring: Danielle Smith, Jonathan Blair, Hayley Heneghan, Sam Shah, Kristin Condon, Madhur Garg, Joe Ward, Reyes Brandy and Cole Joffe

February 20

Bany And The Jets
Coach – Lisa Bany
Featuring: Drew Danan, Xerxes Flores, Jay Gabel, Ethan Goldman, Casey Hall, Michal Kokoszka, Caitlin Robb and Rebecca Sarkauskas
Spuds & Stouts
Coach – Mark Czoske
Featuring: Joe Liolos, Justin Jawor and Kyle Slagel
The Group Formerly Known As Jay Sukow’s Last Coached Ensemble
Coach – Jay Sukow
Featuring: Krystal Janigan, Sheri Flanders, Ashwaty Chennet, Norman Burt, Joanna Jamerson and Laura Bowers
Coach – Kevin Reome
Featuring: Cindy Rock, Katie Diveley, Jared Chapman, Kyle Slagell, Judy Asuzu and MR Dukelow
Not Naked But Very Afraid
Coach – Danny BischoffJoin the after party after each show at our 1959 Kitchen & Bar located on the second floor of Piper’s Alley.
UP Comedy Club Box Office 230 W. North Ave Chicago, IL 60614 (312) 662-4562


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